Kids Up North Coffee Table Book

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Kids Up North Coffee Table Book $98

“Kids Up North” Coffee Table Book – $98

Peter and Charmaine have created a limited edition coffee table book filled with breathtaking images of local children.

Kids up North is a stunning compilation of portraits of children showcased in a beautifully designed 118 page hard cover book.

Limited numbers of books are still available.

Above are a few pages from the book.

Photographers and Designers: if you’re looking for inspiration or ideas for a project that challenges your creativity and showcases your range of capabilities, Kids up North could be the answer. Much more than simply a catalogue of children’s portraits, this magnificent portfolio of photographs illustrates what can be achieved through a combination of story-telling images and imaginative, classic design.

Initiated as a fundraiser to benefit Make-A-Wish® Australia, Kids up North has culminated in an exciting coffee table book – a collector’s publication. Also featured in the book are some of Charmaine and Peter’s other award winning pictures.

Exquisite lighting, choice of clothing, props, locations and backgrounds, and the story-telling images that reveal the subtle way children interact and connect with their siblings will undoubtedly benefit photographers from technical and artistic aspects. The design and layout features brilliant use of bold colours and subtle hues to ensure that the look and feel of each image is in harmony with the essence of the whole book.

“We are confident that our book will not only inspire other photographers and designers to undertake similar projects, but that they will also benefit from having Kids up North as a road map for the journey”.

** Included with every book purchased is a list of Charmaine and Peter’s helpful hints for shooting and designing artwork as decor items for both client’s homes and book layout. **

Kids up North could be exactly what you need as inspiration with your everyday work flow, or to launch your own photographic ventures. To order your copy for only AUD $98.00, follow this link to our secure online shopping page.

Children’s Portraits by Highlights Photography, Cairns Portrait Photographers, Australia.